Coaching Colburn

Coaching Colburn is a 2014 documentary about James Colburn, a then 26-year-old from Newburyport, MA living with Fragile X and autism.  James is my cousin, and I was part of the team that produced the film as part of a class at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.  I pitched the idea for the film, was on the writing team, served as production coordinator during the shoot, transcribed interviews, edited footage, and planned film festival outreach.  The two videos below are clips from the film, which has played in festivals across the U.S. and overseas.  The original 17-minute film was recently expanded to 27 minutes.


Cambridge Calendar

Cambridge Calendar is a monthly show produced by Cambridge Community Television that aims to inform Cambridge residents about upcoming events in and around the city.  As part of the team that produces the show, I plan and write content, operate cameras, monitor sound, technical direct, interview guests, appear in skits, and operate the teleprompter.

Below is a clip of me invterviewing Deborah Mason, founder and director of the Cambridge Youth Dance Company and the Deborah Mason Performing Arts Center.

I appear in the video below at: 04:05, 16:12, and 20:40



Illume is a travel consultancy based in Boston that specializes in customized group travel for churches and religious organizations, academic institutions, non-profits, and other groups.  Common destinations include Italy, Spain, the Holy Land, Greece, Turkey, the UK, France, and others in Europe.

The following video is a project I shot and edited to show illume's participants some shopping options in Florence, Italy.  It appears online in an article I wrote for illume, available here.

I created the following video promote illume's capacity to create travel programs for groups of friends, family, and other less formal constituencies.  Some of the footage is my own and some is stock or found footage.


This was the first video I created for illume.  It is meant to inspire possible organizers to create their own customized travel program with illume.